This stonemason's once stood on Waterbeach Road, but was replaced by houses (numbers 18 and 20) some time in the 2000s.


Until about 2004 the building on Ely Road, Landbeach between Car Dyke Road and Cambridge Road was The Slap Up pub. It had been there since 1864 or earlier, according to Kelly's Directory (quoted on British History Online). The gravel pits on the other side of the Ely Road, north of Waterbeach Road, are also known as the Slap Up Pits.

The pub later became an Indian restaurant, the Slap Up Tandoori, and after another change of ownership in December 2010 the Bollywood Spice.

Post code CB25 9NN

Post Code: CB25 9FA [map]


In the Middle Ages this road was an unnamed path or 'balke' across fields. In the Dukman Book of 1727 it was recorded as Flood Lane. It crossed the old north-south waterway called the Beach Lode at Cockis Bridge. (Source: Ravensdale, Liable to Floods)

Post Code: CB25 9FF [map]


The western section of this road was formerly called Claystrate, and was one of several routes running north-south from the Manor of Brays to the fens. (Source: Ravensdale, Liable to Floods)

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The village of Landbeach lies to the north of Cambridge, between the city and the fens.


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