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By Bicycle

Distance: 5 miles from Mitcham's Corner

From Mitcham's Corner, take Milton Road northward for about two miles, following the signs to Ely (A10) until you reach a crossroads with traffic lights by the Golden Hind pub (external link). Follow the cycle route signs to Milton. The cycle route turns right into Cowley Road, avoiding the dual carriageway past the Science Park. After about half a mile, cross the cycle bridge over the A14 to join High Street, Milton.

In the centre of Milton village, instead of following the cycle path straight ahead into Ely Road opposite the Waggon and Horses pub, bear left along the High Street, which becomes Landbeach Road. This short section of the route is on-road in a 30 mph zone. After about half a mile the cycle path resumes, crossing the A10 and taking you to the southern edge of Landbeach.

For the route from Cottenham, see "By Car" below. Most of this is on a fast, winding, unlit road (Cottenham Road) with no cycle path or footpath.

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On Foot

Distance: 2¾ miles from King's Hedges Road

As well as the routes described above, there is also a footpath from Kings Hedges Road in North Cambridge to Landbeach. Its condition varies, but it is cleared about once a year. It follows the straight line of the Roman road, the Mere Way, that once ran from Cambridge Castle to Ely and perhaps beyond.

The southern end of the footpath is on Kings Hedges Road, opposite the end of Northfield Avenue, and is entered by a wooden gate (TL454617). Walk towards the A14 embankment, following the hedge line that crosses the guided busway (formerly the railway to Oxford) at an angle. Continue towards the A14 until you reach the service road behind Cambridge Regional College. The road passes under the A14 (TL456619) and emerges beside Blackwell Travellers' Site. This is an ugly part of the route, but those who can make it past the first fifty yards will find the rest of the walk peaceful.

After the underpass, continue straight ahead to the footpath, passing between some bollards to the left of the travellers' site.

After about a mile the footpath passes Mereway Farm in Impington. The farm dogs may bark at you, but they are confined to the farm. The odd smell is from the poultry sheds. The path then crosses Butt Lane (watch out for fast traffic), continues north for another mile and then becomes a metalled road called Akeman Street. After about half a mile the road bends sharply to the right (TL472651) into Cockfen Lane, which takes you to Landbeach village hall and the village crossroads.

The northern end of this route is illustrated in the Country Walks section.

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By Car

Distance: 4½ miles from Mitcham's Corner

From Cambridge, follow the signs to "Ely (A10)". After crossing a bridge over the A14, go straight ahead at the next two sets of traffic lights (Milton Park and Ride, followed by the turning for Impington and Histon). Take the next left turn to Landbeach. If you miss it, the next two left turns also lead to Landbeach.

From Cottenham, turn off the High Street by the War Memorial and The Chequers pub into Denmark Road. After some sharp bends this becomes Beach Road. Continue for about two miles. When you reach the T-junction at the end, turn right for Landbeach.

Use the Landbeach Web map for a detailed view of the village.

Google Maps view of the route

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By Bus

5¼ miles from Drummer Street

Stagecoach Buses

Route 9: Cambridge Drummer Street, Milton, Landbeach, Waterbeach. Mondays to Saturdays only. Approximately hourly.

Route last checked April 2015.

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By Train

6 minutes from Cambridge to Waterbeach. Hourly service.

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The nearest train station is 1.8 miles away at Waterbeach. This is the first stop for local trains heading north from Cambridge to Ely. From Waterbeach station, follow Station Road to Waterbeach village green. Then follow Cambridge Road, taking care to turn right just after the Social Club and not to continue straight on into the pedestrian-unfriendly Car Dyke Road. Cambridge Road takes you to the Bollywood Spice Indian restaurant beside the A10. Cross the A10 and go straight ahead into Waterbeach Road, which leads to the centre of Landbeach.

You can save a few yards by using the footpath from the village green to Mill Road and Glebe Road. The route is shown on the sign board beside the village green.

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The village of Landbeach lies to the north of Cambridge, between the city and the fens.


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