Text of an e-mail to neighbours, following the visit.

I visited the Suez Energy from Waste plant in Suffolk this morning, and was kindly given a quick tour.  It is of a similar size and operation to that proposed by Amey Cespa in Waterbeach, and has been operating since December 2014.

What I saw was quite a large installation, kept very clean, and operating without detectable smell or noticeable noise from the road.  There were only about a dozen employees in evidence.  Notices in reception, and the induction briefing, stressed a strict approach to safety.  The reception staff projected an ethos of safety, and close control of the plant operation with 24 hour emissions monitoring; which is available to view on the web on a daily average basis.  The Suffolk plant is close to the A14, which dualled, and is handy for the movements of lorries.

My running conclusion, ahead of visiting the Amey Cespa site tomorrow, is that if such a plant were operating on the proposed site in Waterbeach in the same manner as that which is apparent for the Suffolk plant then, once constructed and shielded with landscaping and trees, and with a dualled A10, it ought not in itself to be a major concern.  I would be concerned however if this development were to lead to further expansion of waste treatment on our doorstep.  And meanwhile, there is the issue of mistrust of the ethos of Amey Cespa which was so evident in Monday’s public meeting.  In my mind, that mistrust is strengthened by the continuing and socially unacceptable emission of unpleasant odours for which the company was prosecuted in 2016.  It is further strengthened by the “cheap trick” of submitting the planning application just before Christmas, and the apparently evasive attitude of the company representatives at the public meeting.   



John Buckley

2 February, 2018


The village of Landbeach lies to the north of Cambridge, between the city and the fens.


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