Charlotte Lowry writes:

"Elm trees are a traditional species for Landbeach and have declined dramatically in the village due to Dutch Elm Disease. The Friends of Worts Meadow Group would like to plant some Elm trees at Worts Meadow.
The Group would like to plant 3-5 trees in a group in the western field (adjacent to the woodland). This would be a community tree planting event to also celebrate the beginning of the new Friends group at Worts Meadow.

Butterfly Conservation are currently undertaking a project on the White Spotted Pinion Moth, which is UK Biodiversity Action Plan species. As part of the project Butterfly Conservation are looking for sites across
Cambridgeshire to plant their disease-resistant Elm trees to help expand the moths habitat (the larvae feed on Elm). The moth has been found at Worts Meadow this summer and so is an ideal place to plant the Elms.
Butterfly Conservation have therefore offered us some Elm trees for this project.

Please could you send comments relating to this project to me by 10th September.

Kind Regards

Charlotte Lowry
Greenspace & Community Officer (part-time)
Environment Management and Climate Change
Cambridgeshire County Council
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The village of Landbeach lies to the north of Cambridge, between the city and the fens.


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