Open Meeting in Landbeach Village Hall
Presentation by CBRR (CamBedRailRoad)
Monday 10 September at 7.30

From: Landbeach Parish Council

To: All Landbeach Residents

You are probably aware that there is a plan for a Rail Link between Oxford and Cambridge.

The section between Bedford and Cambridge is now under consideration. The current Network Rail proposals (3 alternative routes) focus on a corridor running south of Sandy and approaching Cambridge from the South, using existing lines into the main station.

However, there is a local lobby group calling themselves 'CamBedRailRoad' (CBRR) who have come up with a proposal for an alternative route for the Bedford-Cambridge section of the Oxford to Cambridge Rail link. The CBRR suggested route is further to the north. It runs along the course of the A428 (multimodal corridor) then via extra stations at Cambourne and Northstowe/Oakington, running north of Histon/Impington and south of Landbeach coming down to join the main Kings Lynn line to Cambridge just north of Milton. This route would mean a railway line cutting across from Punch Farm (Akeman St) to Stanton Farm, passing very close to the southern end of Landbeach. In this fen area CBRR propose it would be below ground level in a 'structural trench'. They refer to the Oxford-Cambridge Knowledge Arc - the track is by no means in a straight line...

This meeting is an opportunity to see what CBRR are proposing.

Note that CBRR are not in charge of decision-making. They are a group of farmers affected by the alternative routes who want to get this more northern route taken into consideration as an option. They have been able to fund their brochure etc. due to Shingay cum Wendy having an extra £60K p.a. to spend thanks to payments from a Solar Scheme.

The village of Landbeach lies to the north of Cambridge, between the city and the fens.


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