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Bus Service

The bus timetable had been revised in July and very few buses come through Landbeach. This has an effect on people who are unable to drive. The contract is under the control of the Combined Authority. Stagecoach have agreed to provide a new combined timetable that will include all the services covering the route and a map, so it is clear to passengers where the bus is going. These will be posted at all bus stops as soon as possible. The timetable will show the Stand Number for the return journey from Cambridge, to help plan the return journey.

If you have a specific requirement for transport that is not now being met, please contact The Clerk.

Dog fouling

If you see any dogs on the Recreation Ground, please tell the person responsible that dogs are not allowed and they can be walked on Worts’ Meadow. Please report to the Clerk at the above address.

Mobile Warden

If anyone is interested in hearing more about joining this scheme, please contact the Mobile Warden (07977219403) or Melanie Hale (07740948906) for further information. This will be in total confidence.

Mobile Vehicle Activated Signs

The MVAS has now been in 6 locations for 2-3 weeks in the three villages and it is proving very effective in getting people to slow down. Talking to drivers and observing passing traffic show that people are seeing their speed, and if over are slowing down to get under the limit. The unit is providing very detailed data on traffic numbers and speed and this is being used to identify speeding ‘hot spots’ as well as to build a picture of what measures may be appropriate in the future to manage speed. It is also providing us traffic volumes which help to inform us about the impact of the many housing developments that are planned in the area.

So far, the data reveals that 85-90% of drivers are obeying the speed limit and that the majority who are over the limit are over by less than 5 MPH. There are some that are up to 10 MPH over and a handful over that. Of the 30,000 vehicles recorded in just over 2 weeks at Landbeach Green End, the average speed was 27 MPH. In the longer term, more data will help to justify any traffic control measures that we seek to put in place.

The team putting the unit up, charging the batteries and recording/processing the data is very small and additional helpers would be much appreciated and help to provide a better and more reliable service. Some potential helpers have stepped forward recently, and a meeting is to be held to define roles and a rota of where the unit will be and when. If you are willing to help, please contact The Clerk at the above address.

Commemoration of Remembrance 11 November 2018

On Saturday 10 November at 10 am the Parish Council will plant an Oak tree with a plaque recording the names of the men of Landbeach who were lost in World War 1.  This will be erected in the Recreation Ground on the Church side.  Everyone is invited to the refreshments and Flower Display afterwards in All Saints’ Church.

Sunday 11 November Remembrance Sunday - There will be a commemoration at the War Memorial at 10 am, followed by a Church Service

Cambridgeshire Acre (Action with Communities in Rural England)

The Parish Council are members of Cambridgeshire Acre. They held their AGM in Landbeach Village Hall on 25 September. They reported on their varied activities over the past year, from Community led local development in Wisbech to supporting Parish Councils, Neighbourhood Plans, Community buildings, Affordable rural housing and care of waterways (see website for more information). There was a speaker from Defra’s Rural Policy unit who talked about the issues facing rural communities in the future. There is an emphasis on sustainability, digital connectivity and coping with an ageing population especially in rural areas. There were questions about maintaining Heritage assets, land use for food and all the other activities, masts for 4G/5G and rural crime.

Waterbeach Barracks - Waterbeach Community Forum

There are likely to be about 2,300 new homes built by 2031.

Waterbeach residents were concerned about various aspects of the proposed development, especially the interim access to the new station via Cody Road and transport infrastructure.

There was an exhibition on 8 October 2018 in the Salvation Hall at Waterbeach.

Comments on the SPD for Waterbeach New Town should be received by 26 October.

Greater Anglia are planning a clean-up of the Cyclepoint at Cambridge Central Station

They will tag bikes from 15 October, to advise owners, then after 15 days, if they appear to be abandoned, bikes will be removed while the deep clean is being done. Bikes will be stored for 90 days, during which time they can be recovered for £25, after which time they will be disposed of.

20 October 2018

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The village of Landbeach lies to the north of Cambridge, between the city and the fens.


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