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Mobile Warden

If anyone is interested in hearing more about joining this scheme, please contact Melanie Hale (07740 948906) for further information. This will be in total confidence.

Mobile Vehicle Activated Signs

Mr Halfpenny reported that 10 locations have been monitored. In many cases, it is not the best location and new locations are being proposed. The impact on people remains strong in all three villages with many people reporting that they have slowed down as a result of seeing the sign. Additionally, the data from the unit is useful. In Landbeach there may be a case for a 40 mph ‘Slow Down’ before the South End of the High Street and more data will be gathered to verify this. To allow the MVAS to be used on better placed lamp-posts, the volunteer group has asked if the Parish Council can apply for the unit to be fitted to any lamp-post in the village. Another recommendation is to ask Parish Councils to be proactive and ask land owners to cut back foliage.

There is a bigger volunteer group with a central rota of locations and people being maintained. There are 3 volunteers involved in Landbeach. It would be more effective if the village could have a sign of their own. With 10 locations, it does not come back for several weeks. Clamps cost about £30.

Fencing Children’s Play Area

SCDC have confirmed that S106 money can be used to replace fencing and paint the Children’s Play area.

Tuesday Bus

There is potential for two extra people on the bus. Please contact Clerk if you are interested.

Annual Parish Meeting (APM)

This will take place on 15 April 2019.

Waterbeach Barracks – Waterbeach Community Forum

There was a meeting on 9 January.

20 January 2019

Mrs Maria Sylvester
07724 047656
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The village of Landbeach lies to the north of Cambridge, between the city and the fens.


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