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Mobile Warden – If anyone is interested in hearing more about joining this scheme, please contact Melanie Hale (07740948906) or Warden (07977219403) for further information. This will be in total confidence.


Scams – The Council have been informed that someone claiming to be from a Water Company gained access to a property in Stretham and helped himself to personal property. Please be vigilant.

Fencing Children’s Play Area – The fencing around the Play Area is complete.

Tuesday Bus – There is potential for two extra people on the bus. Please contact Clerk if you are interested.

Pavements – The pavements in the village need repairing and some works are due to take place in March. Further work needs to be identified and assessed. If you see anything that needs repairing, please take a photograph and send it to Highways, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Landbeach questionnaire - Thank you to all the people who have responded. The results gathered will help the Parish Council focus on the areas which are important to the community. The questionnaire will be on display on the parish council notice board and copies will be available in the village hall. Below is brief summary of the results.



  • The village amenities (rec, play area, etc) are generally in good condition and are well maintained. Some areas of concern have been raised and the Parish Council will allocate resources to amend them.
  • Traffic, both speed and quantity, is still a major issue. The Parish Council has invested in a speed camera to monitor this and information is being gathered. Once a clear picture of the issues has been formed then the Parish Council will make arguments to the appropriate agencies (e.g. Highways, County Council etc).
  • There was no reported need for housing in the village.
  • While the bus service has been reduced in the village, the results show that over half of those who responded have not used it that regularly and have no requirement to.


Should anyone have any questions from this survey please feel free to contact the Parish Council.


Speeding – The Parish Council is very concerned about speeding traffic, particularly around the church bends. There have been several incidents affecting the Old Rectory wall and parishioners have witnessed other near accidents. We have met with Cambridgeshire County Council Highways and road markings (e.g. ‘SLOW’) are due to be refreshed soon. We wonder if a 20mph speed limit would be effective here. Any further feedback is welcomed.


Trees outside 71 Green End – This work has now been completed.


Play Equipment and MUGA – The Council is getting quotes to replace the path to the MUGA. The play equipment is also going to be repainted.


Annual Parish Meeting (APM) – This will take place on 15 April 2019.


Waterbeach Barracks – Waterbeach Community Forum – The next Forum is on 10 April 2019. At the last Forum, there was talk of the initial phase of the Urban and Civic development taking place before the A10 is upgraded. One proposal is that frequent Park and Ride buses (up to 12 per hour once 850 properties are built) would come through Landbeach, instead of going down the A10, with priority access onto the A10 at the Milton junction.


20 February 2019

Mrs Maria Sylvester
07724 047656
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The village of Landbeach lies to the north of Cambridge, between the city and the fens.


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