Play Area – Working Party – Neighbourhood Watch – Free Trees – Precept – Energy Efficiency Grants

Gates and fence into Play Area - Fencing and a new gate has been installed around the Play area.

Working Party - There is a Working Party who are going to clean all the algae off the play equipment and repair the matting around the play equipment on Saturday 15 February at 10 a.m. Meeting at the Village Hall. The Social Club will be open for a drink afterwards. All volunteers welcome.

Neighbourhood Watch – It has been reported that there have been several break-ins where farm equipment and horse equipment have been stolen. A number plate was also taken. Parishioners need to be vigilant.

SCDC Three Free Trees Scheme – SCDC are offering every Parish Council in South Cambridgeshire three free trees.

Precept – The Parish Council at their meeting on 13 January 2020 agreed to increase the Precept by £1,000 to £26,000. This is an increase of £1.90 for a Band D property. We have been advised that it is prudent to increase it slightly each year to help cover any unexpected costs.

SCDC Energy Efficiency Grants – If there are homes which need improvements in energy efficiency, there are grants available which are means tested. Grants are also available for Council houses. There are 200 houses in SCDC which are at level G which is the worst level.


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The village of Landbeach lies to the north of Cambridge, between the city and the fens.


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