Here are the times of the next buses to arrive in Landbeach, obtained live from the bus operator.

Route 9 - Cambridge to Waterbeach

Stop locationNext buses
High Street, outside No. 13429 Mins, 89 Mins, 18:40
High Street, opposite Walnut Farm30 Mins, 90 Mins, 18:40
High Street, bus shelter31 Mins, 91 Mins, 18:41
Waterbeach Road, opposite Matthew Parker Close32 Mins, 92 Mins, 18:42
Waterbeach Road, outside Manor House32 Mins, 92 Mins, 18:43
Waterbeach Road, A10 end33 Mins, 93 Mins, 18:43
Car Dyke Road, outside Bollywood Spice34 Mins, 94 Mins, 18:44

Route 9 - Waterbeach to Cambridge

Stop locationNext buses
Car Dyke Road, opposite Bollywood Spice33 Mins, 93 Mins, 19:09
Waterbeach Road, A10 endno times found
Waterbeach Road, opposite Manor Houseno times found
High Street, opposite bus shelterno times found
High Street, outside Walnut Farmno times found
High Street, opposite No. 132no times found

Bus times last updated Sat, 23 Mar 19 16:20:18 +0000


  • 24-hour times (example: 09:55) indicate the next scheduled service.
  • Times in minutes (example: 9 mins) are live estimates based on the bus's location.
  • Due means within 2 minutes.

Thanks to Barbara Le Gallez for suggesting this feature and Paul Oldham for technical advice.