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What is the origin of the name "Landbeach"?
In pre-Norman times Landbeach and Waterbeach were known together as Beche, which may have been an old word for 'stream' (compare: beck). By the time of the Domesday Book, Landbeach had developed a separate identity as Utbeche, meaning 'Outer Beche'. In the Middle Ages Utbeche became known as Landbeach because of its greater elevation, and Beche became known as Waterbeach because of its proximity to the River Cam. For more details see under "Origin of Name" on the A Pocket History page.
How can I get there from... ?
See the Transport to Landbeach page.
Where can I find out about local services?
Try our Directory page. Also see the South Cambridgeshire District Council web site and the Cambridgeshire County Council web site.
Who can I call if I have an urgent enquiry?
Call the Landbeach Helpline.
What is the "Cottenham Turn"?
The bus companies use this quaint term despite few people in Landbeach knowing what it means. It is in fact the crossroads in the middle of Landbeach. It sort of makes sense in that all buses pass through here and passengers will see a signpost to Cottenham.