During Restoration

Present View
During restoration (1972) Later view (1999)

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"This cottage is probably one of the best documented houses in the country. It was the home of the late Dr. Jack Ravensdale, whose painstaking detective work during restoration is so well recorded. In the Middle Ages this was a three-roomed single-storey cottage. It was modernised about 1620 by building a great brick chimney with back-to-back fireplaces and putting in ceilings throughout the house, so that there were now three rooms upstairs and three down. During the next hundred years a small dairy was added at the back and a short crosswing for a shop along the street; at about the same time a bread oven was built into the side of one of the open hearths. The shop was divided into an upper and lower room some time in the early 18th century, but the dairy only had its upper part floored to make a bedroom early in this century.
The main part of the house was divided into two along the centre line of the chimney in the late 18th or early 19th century. Part of the medieval window and screens passage were discovered when three parts of the house were being renovated and put together as one. The holes in the timbers of the dining-room wall may once have held a weaver's warping pegs and the strangely wide window frame of the shop may have been made so to give plenty of light to a loom."

Reproduced, with permission, from Historical Landbeach.

Photos supplied by Bill Metcalf.