91 Green End [map]

"In the early 1840s the pleasing tradition of Georgian and Regency building was still alive in delightful country houses and this is seen here at its best. William Clay in 1861 said that this house, built in 1843, was "one of the most respectable in the village, but quite modern". At the time it was occupied by a Mr. Headley. The name "Headley" was found written on one of the doors underneath the paint, and the house may well have been built by James Headley, who was known to be living there a few years later. The Headley family had farmed one of the two farms on the Worts estate in the first half of the century. The interior reflects the exterior charm. Clunch blocks incorporated in a rear garden wall may also have come from the ruins of the Chamberlain manor."

Reproduced, with permission, from Lynn, Historical Landbeach.