The following items are a selection from Mike Petty's "Looking Back" series that appeared in the Cambridge Evening News (now Cambridge News) from 1997 to 2009, available for free at

1899 A disastrous fire. Four cottages, a blacksmith's & wheelwright's shop and a stable were burnt out.

The Red Cow public house was mentioned along with four other pubs nearby, including the British Queen. The Red Cow closed in the same year under the Licensing Act of 1904.

1906 The churchyard in Landbeach Road was consecrated by the Bishop of Ely.
1928 Landbeach had a parish constable named Herbert Spalding.
1955 A Vampire jet aircraft crashed in the rectory paddock behind All Saints' Church, killing the pilot.
1957 The last pub in Landbeach, the Black Bull, closed.
1972 A thatched cottage, built in the 1760s by the Rector, almost burnt out. A firework from a Guy Fawkes party was the suspected cause. [Editor's note: I believe that this was Clerk's Cottage at No. 30 Green End. The cottage has since been restored.]
1975 Work started on re-thatching the tithe barn behind the rectory, organised by the Landbeach Society and aided by an Architectural Heritage Year grant.
1978 The village sign was installed.
1979 The village post office closed when the postmistress, Miss Doris Mitham, retired.
1980 The village pinder (reponsible for the parish pound) was named as George Arnold.
1983 Landbeach Marina in Ely Road was sold to a private owner.