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About this site

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Project History

The Landbeach Web Map was released to the web on 1st July 1998. Later it evolved into the Landbeach Web Site. In April 2010 the static HTML version was replaced by a new Joomla site.

Geographical Accuracy

The Landbeach Web Map is not to scale. Its boundary is just where I felt like drawing it, and does not represent the boundary of the parish.


Historical information from the book Historical Landbeach in the County of Cambridgeshire (1998) is reproduced by kind permission of the author, the late Maurice A. Lynn.

Thanks to Bill Metcalf of GeoStrategies for his helpful comments.

Map Copyright

The copyright to the map and all other data on this site, except where otherwise attributed, belongs to the editor. See the bibliography for a list of other published maps.


For all enquiries, contact the editor / webmaster.

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