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Rectors of Landbeach

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Sources and notes
1160 Pers de Cantebrigg Clay p.100
1216 William Fitzhumfrey Clay p.100
a.1229 William de London Clay p.100
1240 Richard de London Served 24 years. Clay p.100
between 1255 and 1272 Laurence de Mannebye (Clay p.100)
Thebaud le Chaumberleyn (Clay p.101)
David de Offington (Clay p.101)

1294 John le Chaumberlyn Clay p.101
1299 Richard de Walpole Clay p.101
1308 Thomas de Berningham Clay p.102
1323 John de Herdewick (John of Hardwick)
CCCC09/24A/F5. Clay p.102
1345/6 John de Stowe Clay p.102
1349 Richard Abbat Clay p.103
Thomas BanastreCCCC09/09/60
Thomas de EltisleeCCCC09/09/61
1365 Sir John Attecherche / John Atte Cherche of Teversham

CCCC09/35/69 CCCC01/P/36. d.1374. Clay p.103

1374 Thomas de Eltisle LBD Clay p.104
1375 Thomas de Eltisle Dec.Bac. Clay p.104. d.1376.
1376 John Campion B.A. Clay p.105
1379/80 Adam de Leverington B.A.

CCCC09/08/24. Clay p.106.

1391 John de Necton / Neketon D.D.
Clay p.106
1398 Thomas Bodneye M.A.

CCCC09/18/118 CCCC09/03/1. Clay p.106

1429 Adam Clerke Bodneye's successor as Master of Corpus Christi. Clay p.106.
1462 Richard Brocher B.D. d. 1489. Clay p.107.
1488/90 Thomas Cosyn B.D.
Clay p.107
1515 John Seyntwary B.D. Clay p.108
1516/17 Peter Nobys B.D. Clay p.108
1523 John Cuttyngs B.D. Clay p.109
1528 William Sowode B.D. Clay p.110
1544 Thomas Cobbis M.A. Clay p.110
1545 Matthew Parker D.D. Consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury 17 December 1559
1554 William Whalleye B.A. Clay p.112
1558 John Porie B.A. Clay p.112
1569-70 Henry Clifford M.A. Clay p.113
1616-17 William Rawley B.D. Chaplain to Francis Bacon, Lord Verulam. Died of plague. Clay p.114.
1667 Francis Wilford D.D. Clay p.115
1667 John Spencer D.D. Clay p.115
1683 William Spencer M.A. William Spencer
Clay p.116
1688 John Cory B.D. Also Vicar of Impington 1716–1727. Clay p.116. Parish Mag. 11/2008.
1727 John Micklebourgh B.D. Clay p.117
1756 Robert Masters B.D. Robert Masters 1795 (engraved by Johann Gottlieb Facius)
Built charity cottages (Clerk’s & Widow’s, plus one other, lost; perhaps Schoolmaster’s). Wrote Collecteana de Landbeach (Clay p.v). d.5/7/1798.
1797 Thomas Cooke Burroughes M.A.
Robert Masters' son-in-law. Began a History of Landbeach. (Clay pp.iv,119)
1821 Edward Addison B.D. Clay p.120
1843 John Tinkler B.D., MA., LL.D. Contributed to Akeman Street improvement in 1854. Clay p.120.
1871 Bryan Walker MA., LLD. Rev. Bryan Walker
b.1840. Legal scholar of Trinity Hall [source]. Married Fanny Seymour Wells (1848-2 June 1927) in Mar 1872. Restored All Saints' church 1878. d.8/1887.
1887 William Duguid Stephen B.A. William Duguid Stephen
b. 23/6/1842, d.26/5/1910
1910 John Fitzstephen Keating D.D. John Fitzstephen Keating
1911 James (John) Thomason Lang M.A. James Thomason Lang
1922 Ronald Kynaston Denham M.A.
1948 Frederick A. O. Sanders M.A.
1960 Brian Frederick Dupré M.A.
1976 Patrick George Jones Priest-in-charge, also of Waterbeach
1979 Peter Samuel Griswold Cameron B.D., M.A. d. 19 July 2000
1983 Brian J. Macdonald-Milne M.A. Brian Macdonald-Milne
1988 David P.E Reindorp M.A.
1998 Nicholas Ian Moir M.A.
2008 Lucy Eleanor Cleland B.Sc., B.Th. Lucy Cleland
Priest-in-charge, also of Waterbeach
David J Chamberlin DipThM Priest-in-charge, also Rector of Milton
Paul H Butler MTS, MPhil Associate Vicar, also of Waterbeach

List of rectors mainly from W K Clay, 1861, with additions and corrections courtesy of Ray Gambell, 2015.


  • CCCC – Corpus Christi Cambridge Archives
  • Clay, W. K. – A History of the Parish of Landbeach, 1861
  • Landbeach Parish Magazine
  • Lynn, Maurice – Historical Landbeach
  • Ravensdale, Jack – The Domesday Inheritance
  • Ravensdale, Jack – Liable to Floods
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