If you witness anything suspicious please call the Coordinator or your Area Coordinator listed below, or in an emergency dial 999. Please be vigilant to protect our village. Early information can lead to detection and prosecution. Your cooperation will be much appreciated.


  • Coordinator: Andrew Stevens (07850 250673)
  • Deputy Coordinator: Ged Hinkins (861553)
  • Area Coordinator, 76-115 High Street & Landbeach Road: Jane Ward (440961)
  • Area Coordinator, High Street, The Limes to 63 & 16-74: Anne Hinkins (861553)
  • Area Coordinator, 1-55 High Street, Abrahams Close & Banworth Lane: Andrew Stevens (07850250673)
  • Area Coordinator, Matthew Parker Close & 2A-40 Waterbeach Road: Babs Shook (862537)
  • Area Coordinator, Odd numbers Waterbeach Road: Reg Parfrey (863455)
  • Area Coordinator, Green End & Ravensdale: Allan Whyte (860824)
  • Area Coordinator, Akeman Street//Cockfen Lane/Chapmans Close/Reubens Road/Spaldings Lane: not yet recruited