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This street follows the path of the Mere Way, a Roman road from Cambridge to Ely. In 1854, after the parliamentary enclosure, the Worts' Trustees planned to make the road passable for carriages between Butt Lane and Landbeach, but only enough money was raised to improve the stretch southwards from Cockfen Lane to the farmhouses.

In 1861, according to Clay, the part of the street from Kings Hedges to Cockfen Lane was called Millway, but had earlier been called Beche way.


William Keating Clay, A History of the Parish of Landbeach, Cambridge, 1861

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Beche was a local name for the two villages of Landbeach and Waterbeach, and was used in the Domesday Book of 1067. (Source: Ravensdale, Liable to Floods)

Beche way was an old name (later the Millway) for the unmade road from Kings Hedges to the southern end of Akeman Street. (Source: Clay, A History of the Parish of Landbeach...)

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This lane is named after an ancient field, Banworth Field, that once occupied a large area to the east of the High Street.  It appears in the records as Banewurthfeld (1316), Banwurth (1317), Banworth (1354) and Banneworthfeld (1384). (Source: Ravensdale, Liable to Floods.)